Hello from the secret deer!

  • Hello!

    To give this a kick, I would like to introduce myself with a few words.

    Hi, I'm secretdeer. A young man in it's 20s currently living in Germany.

    I absolutely love Cube World. As an early customer of the alpha version, I was pretty sad to see, that this project wasn't receiving any attention from it's creator.

    Luckily this ended 6 years afterwards, when Wollay finally gave some signs of life!

    When I finally realized that, I've decided to create CWUniverse. A centralized place for everything around Cube World.

    But Cube World isn't everything: I'm a passionate full stack web-developer by heart.

    Sometimes I try to do some sport, but the motivation changes from time to time ?(

    These are the most important things! :D